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The fund main goal is support of the University sustainable development in social, academic, and research areas.

The mentioned goal breaks into the following tasks.

  • constant improvement of the quality and prestige of engineering education, creating an effective mechanism for interaction between business and the University science;
  • creation of a powerful material and technical platform for development of the University scientific and educational potential;
  • financing projects, research activities of students and the University teaching staff, aimed at positive impact on national and international communities;
  • financing the University target programs through establishment of a close dialogue between TPU and national and international business community.

Donation to the University Endowment Fund allows augmenting quality of engineering education and supporting teaching staff and students in their activities. Every donation, despite the amount, will have a considerable impact on the University, and national and international communities, which will use the University developments and technologies.

We are full of valuable ideas and plans, but they can be expensive to implement. Your help matters.

Your ideas and offers about the University fund activities you can send to the fund director Elizaveta Kuzmina via E-mail:

Responsible for information: Kuzmina E.E.

Kuzmina Elizaveta
Fund Director
Phone: +7 (3822) 70-56-71

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